My letter to my employers

I felt good about venting to my employers today and thought I could keep this in my blog for my own sanity. I might very well quit this place if nothing changes… again for my own sanity. I was going to write and clear my mind about my life at home, but I best address […]

Bro, its 2019

Hello old friend that is my mind, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last wrote. 2018 was a year of great ups and downs. My courageous wife carried our son into the Mothership that is Earth. Episodes of anxiety attacks with most severe one brought on by my own sister no […]

Spaceship M.E.

Imagine this: we are living on a spaceship hurdling through space. We were born on said spaceship and no one has told us our purpose on this ship, where we are going, or who brought us here. We are simply left here to figure it out for ourselves. At this point where do we go […]

Losing Someone

I have always found the subject of death to be curious. Obviously, it is not something I wish to experience, yet the passing of someone is mentally stimulating to say the least. The taboo nature of this topic¬†may be due to the¬†difficulty in which to discuss about the loss of close ones. However, I believe […]

Working out

The goal was to be at my fittest with P by the time we become 30, and I have been 30 for a almost 2/3 of the way through now. Granted, I did hurt myself through the achilles rupture and all (right before my wedding…). So I have extended my deadline to 31ish. Certainly, it […]


Just watched a documentary about Anderson Cooper who did a kind of an autobiography of his mother Gloria Vanderbilt. It’s called Nothing Left Unsaid on HBO. It is definitely a different pace of story telling than the commercialized streamline feed to catch the most attention, “likes”, and view count. Perhaps I am a weird one […]


Alright, it has been over a month since my entry about cooking and the transformation couldn’t be better. P and I have been working out, cooking, eating at home more and more. Last week, we ate home cooked meals all week! The weekend plan did not pan out as going to visit mother always equated […]